New Jersey Family Lawyer Brad Micklin

January 18, 2018
In the performance of his duties as a litigator in New Jersey family law, Brad Micklin has helped many of his clients get the best results possible, which isn’t always easy. One great example is the time Brad argued a case that served to define terms in New Jersey divorce law regarding limited duration alimony and its modification and he not only got more for his client, but more for everyone in the state in the same situation. Of course, everyone should know that Brad Micklin also has served as a commercial arbitrator in Union County, New Jersey.

Brad Micklin formed the Micklin Law Group LLC a couple of decades ago and he has helped hundreds of family law clients get the best possible results, based primarily on his extensive experience and knowledge. In addition to family law, Brad also has received extensive training and has tons of experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Brad has served as a mediator for the Delaware Attorney General’s office, plus he has been certified as a mediator by the Superior Court of New Jersey, as well.
Regardless of his level of raw knowledge, family law attorney Brad Micklin understands that being able to empathize with what his client and his client's family are going through is enormously important.